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HealthCare – Medicines4u

Pharmacy service offers our customers exceptional medication pricing at the lowest possible cost at a click. Customers have to upload the doctor's prescription so that Pharmacists have access to those prescriptions to verify and reconcile prescriptions. The system provides an interactive platform between the customer and pharmacists as if the customer is buying the healthcare products over the counter. Customers are offered medication consultations with available interpreter services and prescriptions are filled in a timely manner with minimal wait. Our pharmacies are focused on providing our Customers with a commendable level of accuracy, medication education, counseling, cost saving and convenience.

Education – SEMS

ERP System is an enterprise multichannel online portal that allows Management to capture and store important information to meet compliance and archival needs. It helps in ensuring that various work flows are well executed and quality of teaching and operations are up to the desired mark. SEMS is a robust internet/intranet web based application which helps students, parents, teachers; Institute administration to use their institute data is such a way that accessing relevant reports and handling day to day processes are made easy. It lets the users to interact with basic operation and information of their institute seamlessly.

Question Bank

As a technical partner, the Question bank has Math, Science, GK games and worksheets for kids, grades LKG to tenth offer activity based learning. It develops excellence and problem solving skills through playful interaction like practice while play. This version is only for schools and children.