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SREMA is a business, technology and clinical data solutions company specialized in architecture, design and implementation of various applications. We have been facilitating services and help enterprises streamline operations in healthcare, real estate, education and consulting industries.


Software Services

Application Services

SREMAdelivers high-quality flexible applications which are robust, scalable, reliable, and secure

Cloud Services

Cloud Infrastructure services include virtual servers, auto balancing, storage and content delivery,relational database

Enterprise Mobility

Native toolkits,Apple Xcode (iOS), IntelliJ AppCode (iOS),Android Sudio (Android),Android Developer(Android)

Application Management

Customer support is one of the most important functions of our business. Every member of our support services

QC and Testing

With our experienced team, we can help you undertake testing of your product/service at various stages of its

Big Data, IOT

The process of converting large amount of disparate and complex data into a user-ready business model and data store

Pharma Services

Clinical Data Management

Review and input on protocol design, (e)CRF design and review, Annotations

SAS Programming

Raw data, SAS input programs, SAS data sets, Data cleaning, SAS Micro Library

Bio-statistic Services

Developing protocols/sample size calculation, Randomization, Statistical Consultation to clinical research & support

Medical Writing

Regulatory documents, Journal articles, Abstracts, Posters


Clinical Trial Pharmacovigilance, Post-marketing surveillance

Functional Services

Clinical data manager/analyst, Biostistician, EDC developer, CDISC

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